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Vertical Carousels

Vertical Carousel


White brand vertical carousels can be found in military bases, hospitals, pharmacies and industrial installations throughout the country. Our systems provide the best value and highest quality for your dollar of any manufacturer.


  1. High density storage - up to 80% reduction in floorspace.
  2. Highly customizable - totes, bins, drawers and pans design specific to your application.
  3. Fast access - suitable for frequently accessed goods.
  4. Improved efficiency and accuracy in picking and order fullfillment.
  5. Reduced labor - save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours.
  6. Fast ROI - often less than 12 months return on investment.
  7. Easy integration - interface with WMS, ERP and MRP systems.

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  1. Machine height: up to 36'
  2. Machine width: up to 180"
  3. Number of pans: 50 max
  4. Pan depth: 36" max
  5. Pan width: 144" max
  6. Pan capacity: up to 2000 lbs. max


  1. Portable vertical carousels
  2. Fixed position carousels
  3. Heavy-duty carousels
  4. Refrigerated carousels
  5. Clean-room carousels
  6. TNFPA approved fire protection
  7. Fail-safe inventory access
  8. Light-directed put/pick
  9. Stainless steel pans
  10. Perforated pans
  11. Reversing air-flow
  12. HEPA filter
  13. Inert gas flush
  14. ERP/MRP interface
  15. IR, RF, or barcode inventory identification
  16. RFID
  17. Multiple level user security and tracking