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SencorpWhite designs and manufactures the worlds largest VLM for heavy-duty applications, the White PowerColumn3. PowerColumn3 is custom designed as a unique system with tray sizes up to 60″ x 240″ with a maximum live load capacity up to 2,000 pounds each. PowerColumn, the worlds largest VLM, is designed with a welded frame, integrated, infinitely variable “bread rack” tray locating system, and automatic product height sensing. PowerColumn’s welded trays are designed for extreme conditions, and for heavy-duty industrial applications. In addition to innovative hardware design, White VLM’s incorporate intelligent inventory management and control software.

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  1. PLC master control with SencorpWhite software
  2. Product height detection with automatic "slotting" for maximum storage density
  3. Standard tray widths: 48", 72", 100", 130", 144", 160"
  4. Standard tray depth: 25", 32", 39", 50", 60"
  5. Tray capacity up to 2000 lbs
  6. Standard unit height range from 10' to 50'
  7. Rugged rack and pinion elevator drive - more reliable than steel reinforced belt and/or chain drives
  8. Modular fabricated steel frame with "bread rack" style tray locations on 1" centers
  9. Standard 36" high front opening
  10. Unlimited customization options:
    1. Access points on sides, front, rear, top, etc.
    2. Fork truck access
    3. Roller trays
    4. Integrated tray conveyor systems


  1. Inventory tracking
  2. Easy search and pick functions
  3. On-screen signature logging
  4. Automatic activity logging
  5. Service diagnostics dashboard
  6. Customized reports
  7. "Red-flag" notification
  8. Advanced business object module for integration with standard ERP systems