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Mobile Inventory Module - MIM

Mobile Inventory Module (MIM)


Transporting, managing and controlling complex inventories of critical items at any remote location is an enormous challenge. The White Systems Mobile Inventory Module (MIM) combines horizontal carousel technology proven in some of the most demanding logistics applications within a standard shipping container creating a highly functional and robust system. MIM allows you to get supplies to a remote location and once there, disperse them in a simple and efficient way. These containers are ideal for military installations, medical supply support, as well as a supply center for disaster relief efforts. When shipped fully stocked, just drop the container at your location, apply generator power and you're ready to go.

Outstanding Features:

    Ready to Use
  1. Completely assembled
  2. Easy to ship self-contained unit fully stocked
  3. Designed to take rolls on ocean transport
    Inventory Control
  1. Unit can be easily operated manually or by computer
  2. Communications Link to Global Material & Inventory Management Systems ... STRATIS, etc...
  3. Accurate usage and replenishment data
  4. GPS location tracking, RFID, bar code, bio-metric sensors
    Robust Design
  1. Specially designed horizontal carousel secured in a 20' x 8' x 8'6" ISO/ICC, double door, full-side-access container
  2. Dust-resistant bins travel on a closed loop track in container
  3. Static and dynamic losd tested
  4. Inclined run tested - operates at 15° angle with both uniform and unbalanced loads
  5. Field proven - units have been deployed in Iraq, Kuwait, and other areas
  1. Increased productivity - carousel brings supplies to operator, eliminating walk and search time
  2. Reduced personnel requirements - entire inventroy accessed by one operator at one location
  3. Minimal setup - units can ship pre-stocked, ready to operate
  4. Increased inventory accuracy with PC based inventory management software
    Redundant Systems
  1. Dual control and drive systems - provide complete backup for onboard electronics and mechanical drive components
  2. Electrical and safety systems tested
    Flexibility and Security
  1. Bin configuration - shelving is adjustable on 2" centers
  2. Security - lockable container doors to keep contents safe
  3. Power source - optional onboard diesel generator
  4. Transport - ISO standard container configuration allows unit to be shipped by land, sea or air

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Mobile Inventory Module (MIM)

Standard Configuration

  1. Storage capacity: 388 cubic feet
  2. Operating Voltage: 120V, 230V, or 460V
  3. Computer ready
  4. Operating temp: -30°F to 120°F
  5. Controls: redundant controls accessible from all sides
    Model MIM - HP16
  1. Container design: ISO, ICC, double door, full side access
  2. Container size: 20' x 8' x 8'6"
    Bin Details
  1. Bins per carousel: 16
  2. Bin width: 21"
  3. Bin depth: 27"
  4. Bin height: 74"
  5. Max live load: 1,000 lbs per bin 16,000 lbs carousel
  6. Number of shelves: up to 14 per bin
  7. Shelf adjustablility: 2" centers
  8. Shelf width: 21.5"
  9. Shelf depth: 26.5"
  10. Shelf capacity: 100 lbs

Mobile Inventory Module (MIM)